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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Happy. Lol

image LOL. Same with my reaction :D The child very cute right? Just because the spongebob:16: I thought she saw my Kim Myung Soo :11:haha.
I wanna laugh now like him :65: What so funny babe:face14:

Okay lets talk about my Kim Myung Soo :n:
Kim Myung Soo = Human Chair?? What?? Don't believed it? Lets see :77:

How dare he sat on my husband :14: *joke, lol*

Ohh so sweet :face2: I want to do like this with Myung Soo:face75:
:h:Myung Soo:h:

And lastly, who do you think the cutest one??



Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

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