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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Not In Mood !

Hola! So long I've not been here :') Now I'm here to post something^^. Wanna know? Em, if you read my entry tittle, yeah I'm no in mood right now -..- I'm very sad because I just read her entry just now *her means my ex boy girlfriend* So sad and I'm like dying now . LOL . I now that I and him cannot be together again and it is impossible -..-" But I'm really angry right now with him >.< How could he did like this to me?! Ouhh SHIT! >.<

Myung Soo, I'm really sad. Can you make me happy? LOL XD

--> Dear readers, sorry because didn't reply your text at my cbox. I'm not going to reply it because I do not have a free time to reply it. But I'm gonna to follow they who're follow mine :)) thanks!!

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

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