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Friday, 30 December 2011

Cinta Ohh Cinta :)


♥ SEBELUM couple :

L : ye ! saya dah lame tnggu saat ni!
P : awk nk tinggalkn saya ke?
L : tak , jgn fikir mcm tu. tak mugkin terjadi..
P : awk cintakan saya tak?
L : ye ! tiap hari..
P : awk pernah tipu saya tak?
L : tak ! knpe awk slalu tnye cmtu?
P : awk akn cium saya tak?
L : setiap kali ada pluang..
P : awk akn tampar saya ?
L : gile ke? saya bkn org cm2!
P : boleh saya percayakn awk?
L : ya..!
P : syg!

♥ SELEPAS couple (baca dari bwh ke atas )

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Omo! Alexander :)

Tengok tak artikel ni?
Haa! rugi tak baca :P
Alexander comeback SOLO :)
Ilovehimm :*

Tumpang tanya , ni apa ? :

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

About My JunHyung


Yong Jun Hyung is a main rapper of Korean Boy Band Beast. Before debuting as a member of BEAST, Jun Hyung was first a member of XING, known by his stage name as Poppin' Dragon. Yong Jun Hyung can be recognized very well with his unique hairstyle and tattoo.

Stand at 179 cm, Yong Jun Hyung is the third tallest member of the group after Yoon Doo Joon and Son Dong Woon.

Yong Jun Hyung is noted to have unusual hairstyles. Jun Hyung was also featured in fellow member's AJ's music video ("Wiping the Tears") as a rapper with Doo Joon. Along with fellow BEAST member Yo Seob, MC and comedian Lee Hyukjae, Moon Hee Jun (formerly of H.O.T.) and Kim Sook, they welcomed Japanese tourists for "Visit Seoul 2010" campaign, where Korean celebrities and Japanese tourists explore Seoul in MBC's Star Guide Doshiraku to raise awareness of Seoul's famous areas as well as its delicious cuisine. 

Jun Hyung was the featured rapper in Hyuna's solo debut single "Change". Jun Hyung along with 4minute were also featured in "Heard 'Em All" for Amerie's Asian version of the album In Love & War. He was also a guest rapper for K.Wills song "Present". He also starred in MBC High Kick Through the Roof for a scene.

Yong Jun Hyung change his name

Jun Hyung confessed that he changed his name during 6th grade. The original name of the BEAST member Yong Junhyung is becoming a hot topic among the netizens.

In ‘Saebwaki’ that will be broadcasted on the 4th, Yong Junhyung had revealed his dilemma that he faced with his name ‘Yong Jaesoon’. 

Yong Junhyung stated, “I didn’t even tell my members because I was embarrassed, but I received a lot of stress from it. During 6th grade, I ended up changing my name.”

His real name was ‘Yong Jae Soon’. The reason behind his decision was because during his school days he received a lot of stress from it and at the end decided to change it.

Jun Hyung also said to be really embarrassed about this and not even his members knew about this.

Well for the fans it doesn’t matter if he is ‘Yong Jae Soon’ or ‘Yong Jun Hyung’, all they know is that he is their beloved idol.

Beast Yong Junhyung, first-rate drawing skills revealed!

In preparation for their title song ‘SHOCK’, BEAST members went through shocking transformations but of them all, Yong Junhyung’s head-shave caught the eye of the public. As he shaved the sides of his head, leaving hair in the middle, he even earned the nickname ‘Tsunomon’ with his new hair style. 

From practicing to the point till their leg muscles tore, they went through extensive training as said by Yong Junhyung. His charisma elevated from the times of promotion of helping sister group 4 Minute Hyuna’s ‘Change’. When asked by T-News in our corner ‘Star & Handwriting’, he hesitated a bit before grabbing the black pen as he began filling in the paper.
His tattoo became known after a photographer took a picture of BEAST while they were attending the ‘Seoul Character-Licensing Fair 2010′ on July 21st, becoming a hot topic around online communities.

Yong JunHyung is known have gotten his tattoos near the beginning of this year on his collarbone and his right forearm in English and Latin. On his collarbone, the tattoo reads in English, “Born again still your son”. From this phrase, Yong JunHyung’s love for his parents can be seen.

On his arm, the tattoo reads, “Take a hold of today. And only believe in the word ‘tomorrow’ in the smallest way you can”. It seems to be similar to American actor James Dean’s quote, “Dream like you’re going to live forever, live like you’re going to die tomorrow”, expressing the thought that instead of living for tomorrow, one must live to the fullest in the present.

In the past, tattoos were associated with gangsters, but now celebrities and sports athletes have begun getting tattoos, and it has become a part of the culture. Celebrities with tattoos besides Yong JunHyung include Big Bang member G-Dragon, DBSK member JaeJoong, and singer Hyori, among others.

Fans reacted to Yong JunHyung’s tattoo by saying, “He’s a filial son”, “He put such cool words on his chest”, “It’s sexy”, showing their hot interest.

Yong Jun Hyung profile :

Name : 용준형 (Yong Jun Hyung)
Role : Rapper
Stage Name under Xing: Poppin’ Dragon
DOB: December 19, 1989
Nickname: yonggun
Education: Anyang Arts High School
Specialties: Dance
Height: 179cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: writing lyrics, watching movies, and dancing.
Info: He was first debuted with group Xing and he rapped for AJ’s Wiping the Tears.

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wednesday Wordless

See! Tiga iphone included si JunHyung pegang :)
Waa ! So smart ^___^

girl, inside beauty, plaid

OUHH. Very wordless for today dear :')

word : Eh. macam mane nak jadikan gamba kalau dihalakan cursor jadi gelap eh? *for my template :)


I like to put more picture in my blog :))

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saenggil Chukka Haeyo Oppa!

19 December 2011
Genap 22 tahun my oppa :)
Nak tahu bufday sape nii?
Haa.. Today is JunHyung birthday!!
Tak kenal? Huhuk.. Rapper grup korea BEAST !
Rawr!! :D
Dia nii boiprengg aku :))
Hihik. #perasannya
Oppa , saya ada cake untuk awak laa :')
huhu <3
special for you only :


Saenggil Chukka Hamnida !!

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

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