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Monday, 26 November 2012

Just watching back.

I watching this because of G-Dragon :) Lol. Superb cute maaaaa. Le'hubby xoxo
This is BigBang BgShow 2010. Aigo. So old. Now 2012. And almost near to 2013 and Me still watching their old BigShow. This BigShow same goes to Family Outing but on their own version. Le'Daesung as Jaesuk Oppa :) Aigoo. Superb awesome. Kinda awesome. I've watched this until 6 episode because there are 6 episode. Lol. I don't why this lately I very-very crazy just because watched their old video *I mean Big Bang* I don't know. Please knock me. Heww -.- Pfffttt. Start watch this at 2am and finish it on 3am and over. Because I can sleep tightly after that :') There's all 6 episode. They all superb cute and awesome. To @kpophaters sorry. This not for you. Just watching!

Sleepy head G-Dragon *must watch*

Crush saya G-Dragon. Awak? xD

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